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On this post I will tell you the 5 Steps you need to get online PT clients.


Reason Number 1: Competition

If you don’t focus on a niche, you are competing with the big box gyms, with the fitness apps, and with every other Personal Trainer in the world.

You are basically a commodity.

People can choose between you and a few dozen other options.

This is why you often find yourself negotiating on price, and even taking as clients people that you don’t really like.

(as a side note… I believe that you should only take clients that you feel like you could become friends with, what do you think?)


Reason Number 2: Value

If you don’t focus on a niche, how deep can you go into solving EVERYONE’s problems?

I mean, if you see a 60+ year old lady, a 20 something guy and a 40+ mom who had a kid 2 years ago…

How much time are you going to REALLY understand the very specific and unique pains and needs of each one of these people?

Don’t you think that if you spend ALL YOUR TIME with just one type of people, you’ll be in a privileged position to help them A LOT MORE?

In other words, you’ll be able to give them A LOT MORE VALUE.

When you do this, and you become the EXPERT in helping your niche.

People TRUST EXPERTS… which is exactly what you want.


Reason Number 3: Happiness

Some of you may be willing to overlook this one… because you might still be operating based on the idea that work is work, and it shouldn’t be fun…

But it’s pretty simple: if you train the people you like and enjoy spending time with… you’ll be happier.

A happy Trainer will do a better job for their clients.

Happy clients will stay with their trainer indefinitely, and they will also spread the word.

That means… happy and wealthy Trainer… good deal.



 Once you know exactly your Niche… you’ll work on your TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM.

That’s right.

Your Workout Plan and your Nutrition Plan (and whatever else you do for your clients) are not just that…

They are the vehicle to take your clients through a Transformation.

So at this stage you’ll map out in detail, every milestone that your client needs to go through in order to achieve the successful transformation.

This is what you should find easy! All your PT and Fitness Skills come into play here.



Hello, nice to meet you.

Will you marry me?

Of course not… you don’t know me.

Similarly, your Niche won’t fork out $800 or $1,000 for your online program before they know you (and trust you)!

So we need to make that happen.

We do this giving them MASSIVE VALUE FOR FREE.

There’s many ways you can go about this.

I recommend you do it the way that will give you BEST RESULTS and requires LITTLE WORK from you.

This is usually some type of Free Challenge that runs on auto-pilot (or almost) where you offer a piece of your coaching for free, and your prospects can have a real taste of your coaching, and some initial results without paying for anything.

The key here is to make it so that they don’t just join your Challenge but they ACTUALLY follow your advice and GET RESULTS.

If they do… you are ready to get out of the friend zone and introduce an offer.



Traditional Selling is kind of scary and nerve wrecking…

I prefer the soft approach of diagnosing instead of selling.

Using this approach, you’ll run a session with your prospects (only with the ones who have gone through the challenge and had good results), and you will ask questions.

That’s it! You’ll ask questions and let them talk.

When they are done talking, you’ll know if your program can help them or not.

If you know they are a good fit… you invite them to join at a heavily discounted price (which you can hold for them for a limited time).

This approach to selling is 100% proof for people who hate the idea of traditional selling.



Wow.. that’s it…you got clients coming in! What do you do?

You simply put them through the TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM you crated in Step 2.

But there’s some more… you need to build a Tribe. You need to get all your clients together (in a Facebook Group…? why not?) and lead your community with value.

Set them up with Accountability Buddies.

Organise weekly, monthly competitions.

Snapchat meetups, your own hashtags, etc.

Make it FUN AND MEANINGFUL… (remember… you are TRANSFORMING people)

What are you waiting for?

Have questions? Let me know in the comments.

Marcos Azaro
Founder & CEO, Fitness Business Evolution